Civil engineering


One address for tank building and civil engineering works.
Pooled expertise.

Full service

To provide our clients with the optimal civil engineering works, we started the joint venture Armakon Civiel with contractor Gebr. De Koning – a specialist in concrete works, hydraulic engineering works and foundation works. This pooling of expertise enables us to offer a full service including design, realisation and renovation of concrete tank foundations (piled or non-piled), mound foundations, tank pits, ramparts/secondary containment (finished in concrete, as earth dike or using sheet piling) and leakage detection systems.

As both joint venture partners have decades of experience, you can trust us with any civil engineering works.


Build on the decades of experience of an exceptional contractor
and a rock solid tank builder.

Armakon Civiel has its own tank jacking equipment to jack up storage tanks for mound renovations, leak detection system installation or tank inspections.

Gebr. De Koning has an extensive range of equipment comprising pile drivers, diggers and vibrodrivers.


Tank foundations, tank jacking and tank pits

construction of concrete tank foundations

tank jacking for renovation or inspection

design and construction of tank pits

mound renovation with crushed rock ring

installation of leakage detection system

piled tank foundations