New-build storage tanks


From 4 to 40 metres.
Constructed locally or delivered readymade.

Committed tank specialist

Arma Tankbouw is a design and new-build storage tank specialist. We focus on the construction of vertical steel storage tanks, sized 4 to 40 metres in diameter.

Depending on the client’s requirements we can build storage tanks on site or deliver these readymade. A safe and efficient jacking method is used for new-build tanks, which minimises the need for working at heights.

We supply a total package including insulation, coating, preservation, construction of the tank foundation and the installation of heating coils, pipes and any other related constructions.


Computer-controlled sheet metalworking enables us to provide the highest possible consistent quality.

Our new-build tanks are mostly constructed according to EN 14015, API 650 or PED standards and are intended for a wide range of industrial sectors: from the chemical, petrochemical and oil industry to energy, tank storage, food industry and animal feed sectors.

The range of products for which we have manufactured storage tanks varies from drinking water to phosphoric acid and from vegetable oil to paraffin. Our experience includes all kinds of special applications and finishes, including floating roofs, rubber coating and special distribution systems.

We would be delighted to make the 50 years of knowledge and expertise we have built up within our company available for your project!


A selection of projects from our rich history

rubber-coated 8,000 m3 phosphoric acid tank

4,400 m3 storage tanks for vegetable oil

9,700 m3 storage tanks for palm oil

690 m3 coated drinking water tanks

1,300 m3 wastewater reactors

2,400 m3 storage tanks for vegetable oil

1,785 m3 heat buffer for district heating

1,250 m3 coated demi water tanks

benzene storage tanks